Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Looks as though Kenn has already broken the news regarding Blaugust, of course derived from the lunar calendar for when blogging is most frequent and happens to be contained within the month of August. In other words a cheeky attempt to increase the amount of blogging we do.

There are many topics I want to discuss this month. One of the things that we are interest is the topic of DB2 on zOS. We have long supported zOS in DBArtisan are about to spec out some work for the latest versions of zOS. I have always viewed our tool for zOS as way to empower users familiar with database object management on distributed systems to get work done. How many people are out there in this camp? If you have a demand for rich UI experience involving the zOS, what would you expect the tool to do? Let me know what you think.

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Martin Hubel said...

Hi James,
In my opinion, it's not so much about a rich UI as it is consistency for DBAs in a multi-DBMS environment.
DB2 on z/OS is growing year over year by some measured, for example, the amount of data managed by DB2 increases by about 10% per year.
The front that's worrisome is the relative number of new applications being developed for the mainframe. I'm not seeing as many as in the glory days of big iron.
Having said that, the people working in IT today will probably precede the mainframe to the grave. It is still growing in central Europe, where the see the value of a strong centralized IT infrastructure.
As for the rich UI, DBArtisan is an ideal starting point for DBAs to manage all platforms. While many organizations still require specialized tools for z/OS, DBArtisan can introduce new DBAs to the platform.