Monday, September 8, 2008

A Patch for Performance

DBArtisan 8.5.5 is out. This patch is great step for quality. We corrected over 125 customer issues ( and many more internally reported ). Plus we put a ton of effort into improving the performance of our new object management system. In fact I am going to list off the objects that we have worked on improving the performance of.

On Oracle: Table, Columns, Indexes, Materialized Views, Materialized View Logs, Privileges, Unique Key, Primary Key, Rollback Segment, Cluster, Packages and Package Bodies, Types and Type Bodies, Views, Procedures, Functions, Triggers

On ASE: Table, Column, Primary Keys, Unique Keys, Check Constraints, Indexes, Procedures, Functions, Views, Foreign Keys, Triggers

On SQL Server: Tables, Indexes, Foreign Keys, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Views, Primary Keys, Unique Key

On DB2: Tables, Views, Primary Keys, Unique Keys

We are always listening to customers and always want to create the best tool for the job. This patch is just a small response to that but certainly contains enough performance improvements to justify a look. Enjoy! More great improvements soon to come.

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