Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is anything happening in Q3?

By now I hope you have heard about our deal with CodeGear. These events have a way of making for crazy days, if not the crazy months leading up to this. I am super pumped about the outcome and if you aren’t familiar with CodeGear tools, then you need to check them out. It doesn’t take long before you start seeing the complementary mix of functionality. Thankfully both companies have some software packages that are based on Eclipse. One of the beautiful things about Eclipse is it makes it easy to combine a bunch of plug-ins to offer more functionality. This will lead to some interesting bundles between those products in a short period of time. Other bundles will be less exotic in the short term but still interesting. Which is great because we don’t have anything else happening in Q3, oh wait… we have six product releases and two new product launches. At least no one can fault us for not liking challenges. Bring on Q3, should be fun.
My mind is swimming with ideas, what two products or functionality would you combine to make an interesting result?

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Bob said...

SQL Profiler as well as SQL Debugger would be great tools to integrate in the Delphi / RAD Studio development environments.